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Positive outcomes, the Holmleigh way.

At Holmleigh, we firmly believe that having a nice home and being surrounded by people who truly care is a fundamental right, not a privilege.


Specialist support for disabilities and mental health needs.

Having a home where we feel comfortable, valued, and respected is something many of us take for granted.

Our Supported Living and Residential services combine warm and homely accommodation with professional and friendly support. This approach enables people with a range of physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health needs, autism and complex behavioural needs to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Who we support

We make sure that people get the support they need to live life to its fullest potential.

We support people with a wide range of learning disabilities. Our staff teams are experts at supporting people to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle. For some, this means taking an active role in their own care and household chores, for others it could mean going out to meet friends, attending college, or going on holiday.

Our staff teams undertake specialist learning disability training to ensure that we provide exceptional care that meets the specific needs of everyone that we support.

We use our passion and expertise to enrich the lives of autistic people and support them to achieve their goals.

We have extensive experience in supporting autistic adults who need help to live independently. Our staff teams are trained to support communication, meet sensory needs, and help to manage anxiety.

We understand that autistic people have varying needs, which is why we offer a range of support options, from 24-hour residential care to more independent supported living with support on hand when needed.

We work with the people we support to understand behaviours, reduce frustration and improve quality of life.

People with disabilities and complex needs may, at times, present with behaviours of concern, such as verbal or physical aggression. We understand that all behaviour is communication and is often the tool that people use to tell us something is not going well for them.

Using the positive behaviour support (PBS) model, we focus on improving quality of life by changing our approach and adapting our support, environments, and systems to better support the needs of the individual. In doing so, we are able to reduce the need for behaviours that challenge, improving the quality of life for the individual concerned and the people around them.

Compassionate and non-judgemental emotional and practical support for people who are in crisis or in recovery.

Our staff teams are trained in supporting people with mental health issues to progress in their personal recovery journey and prepare to move on to living independently. The level of support on offer can vary from 24-hour support to visiting support for a few hours each week, depending on the needs of the individual.

The support we offer can include anything from providing company, and re-establishing routines and skills, to supporting with medication and accessing treatments, accessing education or work, and building self-esteem and motivation.

We believe in developing skills, achieving goals and supporting wellbeing.

The support we provide for people with physical disabilities is fully tailored to meet each person’s particular needs, personal goals, and lifestyle. Where required, we use assistive technologies to support independence and make sure that people’s homes are suited to their needs.

Support is based on understanding each person’s needs and preferences, supporting wellbeing and quality of life with anything from full-time care to a few hours of support a day.

We support people with profound and multiple disabilities to live well.

Profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) is when a person has a severe learning disability and other disabilities that significantly affect their ability to communicate and be independent, including difficulties seeing, hearing, speaking, and moving.

Achieving quality of life should not be dependent on a person’s ability to communicate or master certain skills, but on our ability to listen and be responsive to their needs.

By combining trained, dedicated and compassionate teams with adaptations to homes and accommodation, we are able to support people to live well, achieve goals, and be an active part of their local communities.

A good start for my career.

The more you put in, the more you get out. My days are filled with joy and a sense of achievement. Very proud of the people I support, feeling part of a team and valued. I love my job.

Find support in your area

With a range of options and a commitment to designing support around each person, we have a solution to help.

A good start for my career.

The more you put in, the more you get out. My days are filled with joy and a sense of achievement. Very proud of the people I support, feeling part of a team and valued. I love my job.

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