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Registered Day Nurse and Night Nurse, Pirton.

Location: Pirton, Wadbrough Worcestershire
Salary: £18.65 ph
Hours: Full-time and Part-time available

About the Company

At Holmleigh Care Pirton you will be making a difference to the lives of people who use our service e.g. enabling the people who use our service to live more independent lives, seeing the people who use our service smile as a result of your actions, satisfaction from seeing the people who use our service achieve goals and aspirations with your support.

The role

To provide excellent standards of person-centred support to the people who use our service ensuring they are able to lead as independent lives as possible. To assist in the effective supervision and development of staff working within a multi-disciplinary team whilst adhering to stringent regulations and governance at all times. To keep within professional boundaries and act in accordance with standards as set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

What Are The Key Responsibilities?

  • Ability to build relationships with people from a variety of different walks of life
  • Being able to support, empower and involved in the planning and delivery of care in accordance with the wishes of the people who use our service to become more independent
  • Playing a part in assisting the people who use our service to participate in social activities and continue with hobbies and activities according to their wishes.
  • Career development through extensive training and potential for progression within the company Working as part of a close team of people who support each other
  • Working in a fast paced and constantly changing environment
  • Contributing to the on-going improvements of the service through clinical governance processes
  • Ensure that all the people who use our service have any personal and/or nursing needs or requirements assessed and met including personal care, participation with activities, support with daily living tasks
  • To actively participate in quality initiatives and to ensure that National Minimum Care Standards are achieved and maintained
  • Full responsibility for the administration, care and custody of medicines in accordance with the policy or guidelines currently active
  • To maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act
  • To receive regular supervision for clinical practice (dependent on service type)
  • To give regular supervision for clinical practice for support staff (dependent on service type)
  • To participate in and liaise with all parties in matters regarding care plans with stakeholders and commissioners


  • To assess, plans, implement and evaluate individual care plans, considering the specific physiological, psychological and social needs of the people who use our service
  • To record care plans in a clear and legible manor using a problem-solving approach, prioritising, and taking appropriate action.
  • To ensure that care staff understand and adhere to care plans of the people who use our service Where appropriate administer medication to the people who use our service.
  • Case management for several people who use our service (dependant on the service)
  • Clearly present the points of view to a multi –disciplinary team that supports the people who use our service in any decision they may take
  • Delegate duties to others effectively as required, including staff rota’s Promote Clinical excellence reflecting the nursing philosophy
  • To liaise with relatives and keep them informed of any changes that occur for the person that uses the service in keeping with Data Protection.
  • To maintain complete confidentiality.
  • To liaise with other key stakeholders and always maintain professional working relationships. Any other duty as specified by the Management of the service to assist in ensuring the service runs as smoothly as possible.

Key relationships within the role

  • On a day-to-day basis the Nurse will work with:
  • Day-to-day, the majority of contact is with the people who use our service and the staff team within the service – ensuring individual 1:1 sessions are completed on each shift for those whom are allocated as primary team (dependant on service type).
  • The Management Team (i.e. Senior Care Workers, Deputy Service Manager, Nurses, Clinical Nurse Manager, Service Manager, Regional Manager and Business Support Manager – depending on the service) are also available to support the Care Worker, answering questions, conducting training and allocating work. The Deputy Manager/Clinical Nurse Manager or Senior Care Worker (dependant on service type) will also meet with the Care Worker on a regular basis to discuss performance and carry out regular supervision sessions.
  • Friends and relatives who visit the people who use our service
  • Professional people, for example Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Chiropodists, Dentists, Police, Pharmacist who provide services to the people who use our service either within the service or at their relevant practices
  • All Regulatory Bodies who visit the service to make standard checks and audits Support Centre staff e.g. Property, HR, IT, Finance, Specialist Nurses. Domestic help e.g. cleaners, workmen, cooks who support the service

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