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Residential support that enriches lives and champions progress.

Our residential services provide accommodation and support for adults with varied needs, 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year.


Quality residential living that’s as unique as the people we support

At Holmleigh, our residential services provide support and accommodation for autistic people and people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, or physical disabilities. This allows people to live in safe, comfortable, and supportive environments, with access to round-the-clock support.

We strive to create homely environments that are designed with a mix of low arousal and more stimulating environments to meet the varied needs of the people we support.

Our personalised and flexible approach means that we adapt our residential services and provide aids that help to overcome mobility, sensory and environmental barriers. This attention to detail, coupled with the support of our staff, helps people to live fulfilled lives and become more independent over time.

More about Residential support

What is residential support?

Often associated with elderly care homes, residential support at Holmleigh is not a typical care home environment. Our accommodation and residential support is designed to enhance the lives of the people we support in a fun, comfortable and active environment, with 24-hour support that meets people’s needs. Our approach means that support varies depending on individual needs, but will range from personal care as well as other aspects of daily living.

How is support funded?

The level of support that is required varies on a person-by-person basis to meet each person’s individual and often complex needs. It is usually funded through a Local or Health Authority, following a needs-based assessment carried out by a social worker/health professional.

Who is residential support for?

Residential support is suitable for adults with complex conditions who require 24/7 support to meet their daily needs. It is usually for people who would struggle to live independently – although our team will help to support them to move to more independent living, if appropriate. Each person will be able to personalise their own bedroom and have access to shared space.

What are the benefits of residential support?

Residential support means that people have access to 24/7 support, with meals, personal care, and often medical support, on hand when required. For families of people with complex needs, it can be less stressful to know that their loved one is being cared for and kept safe at all times.

Meet the team

“At Pirton, we treat our residents the way we would expect to be treated. We are passionate about supporting people to be as independent as possible and the most rewarding thing to the team is to see the people we support happy!” Suzanne

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With a range of options and a commitment to designing support around each person, we have a solution to help.

Meet the team

"Sometimes the very best support workers are the ones we don't notice, the ones who are in background supporting, encouraging, organising and mapping out steps to help people achieve their goals." Vanessa

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