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A day in the life of Kelli Holmes Penn, Deputy Manager at Holmleigh

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How long have you worked in the caring profession?
I started in care in 2007, I worked for the same company for nearly 12 years, I then took a year out to help run a family business before returning to care in Spring 2020.

Why did you choose to work as a carer?
I was a carer for both my maternal grandmother and mother prior to starting in care. My father was a manager of a care home and suggested I should consider the role in a professional capacity. I applied shortly after where I was accepted as a support worker. I have since developed my career and moved into my current position of Deputy Manager.

How long have you worked at Holmleigh Care?
I started working for Holmleigh Care in March 2020.

What does a typical day look like for you?
As Deputy Manager my day typically consists of general admin and paperwork in addition to working with the wonderful individuals we support. Every day is different, driven by each individuals’ goals and what they want to achieve. We are there to support and assist.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy the unpredictability of the day. Although my ‘office’ routine remains the same, the support we provide changes daily. One moment I could be gardening and the next moment I could be asked to support somebody on a shopping trip. I enjoy seeing people develop new skills, working together to improve the quality of life for those we support. Watching people achieve the smallest of milestones is very rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about working for Holmleigh Care as a company?
Holmleigh Care are very passionate about their staff regardless of position. We have some fantastic members on the board who are quick to help with any concerns. The management team are very good at keeping staff informed of changes/developments and it makes you feel valued.

Would you recommend working for Holmleigh Care? If so, why?
I have recommended several people who have gained employment within the company. I am happy to recommend people as Holmleigh Care are open, there is no hidden agenda. The company is making huge changes behind the scenes, which in turn will benefit both the staff and those in our care. I feel this is so important, everyone deserves a good quality of life and this is what Holmleigh Care strive for.

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