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Proactive support with a positive impact.

We work closely with everyone that we support to put their wellbeing, best interests, and happiness at the heart of the support we provide.


Your life.
Your support.

Throughout all of our services – supported living, care at home and nursing care – we are committed to providing high-quality support that enhances people’s quality of life. Our focus on choice, Independence, and equal opportunity is integral to the support that we provide and in how we work with our staff teams.

Putting people at the heart of Holmleigh Care

By working in partnership with families, the people we support and care for, and other professionals, we build a comprehensive picture of people’s history, needs, abilities, likes, and dislikes. This enables us to build care plans that focus on the specific needs of the people we support.

We also work hard to understand and cater to any sensory, mobility, or environmental needs from the very outset, ensuring that people have all that they need to settle into their new homes quickly.

This collaborative and inclusive process helps us to build a care plan that delivers the right support, in the right way.


Supporting happy, healthy lives

Since Holmleigh care was founded in 1999, one of our guiding principles has always been that wherever possible, care should mean progression. This is evident in the way we work.

We support and encourage people to set and achieve goals. We nurture and promote independent living by supporting people to try new things or maintain existing skills. We do all we can to boost self-esteem and confidence.

We strive to ensure that the people we support live happy and healthy lives.

This respectful, proactive, and supportive approach underpins all of the support we provide. Crucially, our care plans reflect this focus on progression, evolving as people’s needs and abilities change.


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